Wubbers Large Round Mandrels

The Wubbers Large Bail Making Pliers are great for a variety of uses such as making large and even coils, jump rings, consistently shaped ear wires, and uniform bails for wire wrapped pieces. The longer, padded handles are extra-comfortable and provide plenty of leverage when working with heavy wire that is up to 12-gauge. The round jaws are barrel-shaped (as opposed to being tapered) for reliable sizing of loops and curves. In addition, each jaw is a different size, adding to the versatility of these special Wubbers pliers.

  • Total Length of Pliers: 7.25 inches
  • Width of Large Jaw: 8mm
  • Width of Small Jaw: 6mm
  • Lengths of Jaws from Tip to Box Joint: 34mm
  • Box Joint: 10.0mm Deep by 17.0mm Wide by 37.0mm Long
  • Made of High Quality Stainless Steel
  • Turquoise Padded, Form-Fitted, Non-Slip Suede-Textured Handle Grips
  • Euro Tool® Product Number: PLR-1303


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