Wubbers Jumbo Oval Mandrels

The Wubbers Jumbo Oval Mandrel Pliers are great for a variety of uses such as making even coils, consistently sized loops, and large oval-shaped rings. These pliers are designed for working with wire up to 12 gauge as well as sheet that is 20 gauge or lighter. The jaws are barrel-shaped, as opposed to being tapered, allowing for the same sized loop each time. In addition, the jaws are two different sizes, adding to the versatility of these special Wubbers pliers. The Jumbo Oval Mandrel Pliers measure approximately 6.75 inches long with a 19.5mm x 13mm large jaw and a 15mm x 10mm small jaw. The elongated, padded handles are extra-comfortable and easy on your hands.

  • Total Length of Pliers: 6.75 inches
  • Larger Jaw Measures 19.5mm x 13mm
  • Larger Jaw Measures 15mm x 10mm
  • Smaller Jaw Measures 9mm x 6mm
  • Rated for Use with 20-Gauge Dead Soft Sheet Metal or Lighter and Up to 12-Gauge Dead Soft Wire


Large Jumbo
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